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Agam Darshi is a sought after Canadian actress now based in Los Angeles.


Born in England and rasied all over Canada, Agam is best known for her role on Syfy's SANCTUARY as tough girl Kate Freelander, which she played for 3 seasons and earned numerous nominations. Agam is also known for roles in STARGATE ATLANTIS, STARGATE UNIVERSE, ARROW, SUPERNATURAL, REAPER, MASTERS OF HORROR, DEAD ZONE and KYLE XY. She recently can be seen in BATES MOTEL as Deputy Patty Lin.


Agam is no stranger to films and has worked on blockbuster hits 2012 as the tragic character Aparna as well as SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Agam has also worked alongside Michael Vartan (ALIAS) in the miniseries RING OF FIRE and Leighton Meester in the horror film HAUNTING ON SORORITY ROW.

Agam loves traveling and making films.


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