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Faustino Di Bauda was born in the city of Turin, Piedmont but immigrated to Canada with his family when he was just one year old. Growing up Vancouver he kept his native language alive by attending school at the Italian Cultural Center for many years.

Faustino developed a love for performances, plays, television shows and movies, but stage fright kept him from participating in front of an audience. Instead, he channelled himself in physical sports; running, baseball, rugby, football, boxing, and became reputably good in wrestling. He competed in national wrestling championships and earned medals as a junior and juvenile in Olympic freestyle.

During his thirties, Faustino ran his own business as a professional stone masonry while attending the Lyric School of Acting and earning his actor training credentials. He practiced under the instruction of coach Larry Moss, and took a workshop in Los Angeles with Joe Palese. Soon after, training paid off and he nabbed an agent. In the next two years, while having success in a play role and six short films then, in March 2011, an audition for ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME earned him his very first television role. Faustino's feature film debut is in SEVENTH SON with Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. He has also appeared in SUPERNATURAL, FRINGE and THE KILLING.


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